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“..and be sure your sin will find you out.” Numbers 32:23.

Written by Andrew R Allan on Saturday, 13 October 2012. Posted in The Trumpet

“..and be sure your sin will find you out.” Numbers 32:23.

Every day seems to bring fresh allegations against the late Sir Jimmy Savile.  It appears the former BBC favourite and proliferate fund-raiser was not such a good person after all.  According to allegations made against the celebrity he is being accused of sexually abusing many children over a number of decades.

To add insult to injury reports are now coming to light of the anti-christian BBC turning a blind eye to his behaviour.  Many of his BBC colleagues knew of or were suspicious of him but failed to do anything about it.  Even the Childline founder and former BBC presenter Esther Rantzen failed to act when informed of his lifestyle.

Maybe Mr. Savile, a Roman Catholic, believed it was acceptable to behave as he did and then go and confess his sins to his priest and be absolved.

Well, Mr. Savile is dead and cannot face man’s justice.  But he has gone to his eternal home and has met the ultimate Judge, God himself.  God will not be taken in by his celebrity status, nor his so called ‘good works’, for God is no respecter of persons.  Mr. Savile will give an account of what he has done on the great Day of Judgment.

However, the most amazing news that has come from heaven is that all the sins that men commit can be forgiven when men repent and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ to save them.

We may have committed sins that we are ashamed to mention and think about.  Sins like paedophiliac behaviour, adultery, fornication, homosexuality or whatever.  All can be forgiven.  You can have the slate wiped clean when a person repents and comes to believe in Christ Jesus the Lord.

But, you must repent and believe today while you live.  You must forsake your sins now and turn to Christ to have any hope of being forgiven.  You cannot repent and believe in eternity.  Only in the here and now is there mercy for those who will embrace the gospel.

"Oh that thou wouldest rend the heavens," Isaiah 64:1

Written by Andrew R Allan on Friday, 31 August 2012.

I want to publicly thank the kindhearted individual who sent me a book entitled, 'The Revival We Need", by Oswald J. Smith.  The anonymous person sent copies of the book to all the ministers in Wester Ross, so I was not singled out.

The book is a heart-cry for revival and that is obviously a subject that is dear to the person, who purchased multiple copies of this book to distribute them freely to Gospel ministers.

I am indeed grateful for the copy received and I can announce that I have read the book and have enjoyed reading it.  There are some things in it I would question from a theological point of view, but I whole-heartedly agree we do need the fire from heaven to descend upon us.  There is no question about it the Christian church and nation needs the spirit of the living God to come upon us in power.

Sinners are at ease.  There is no conviction of sin.  Indeed quite the reverse is true for sinners are openly parading and boasting in their sins.  The Gospel is preached in many parts of our locality and nation yet we fail to see many conversions.

Reading this book, and others of a similair subject, should encourage God's people to be diligent in prayer calling upon God for him to send his blessing upon the church and nation.

What God has done in the past he is able to do now and in the future.  That is our only hope.


Man to Mann

Written by Andrew R Allan on Friday, 17 August 2012.

Some months ago I wrote a small letter to several local newspapers expressing my disgust that Tesco was going to financially support the 2012 London Gay Pride march.  The 'North Star' in particular made a front page story about the letter and they received a huge volume of responses to my comments.  I did not send my letter to the 'Inverness Courier' (IC) but that did not stop their columnist Lorraine Mann from having a personal attack upon me.

In her article she basically said that Christians should live according to the teachings of Jesus, and that Jesus did not condemn homosexuality, therefore there is nothing wrong with same-sex relationships.  She accused me of being cruel and always speaking against the gay community.

I wrote to the editor of the IC twice asking if my letter may be published in response to Mrs. Mann's article.  To date my letter never was published.

I now want to publish my letter in this blog so that people may know that Christians are able “to give an answer to every man” 1 Peter 3:15.

Dear Sir

I would be grateful if you would allow me to reply to Mrs. Mann's personal attack that appeared in your paper last Friday.  There is much more I could have written to refute what was written, but I have sought to be succinct.   Accordingly I trust you will see fit to publish.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Kind regards

Andrew R Allan


There are one or two things in Lorraine Mann's article that appeared in last week's Courier that I can agree with, but on the other hand there are number of factual errors that must be addressed.

If Tesco were to announce that they would support any organisation dedicated to help homosexuals quit their lifestyle I would wholeheartedly support the handout.  But what I object to is Tesco funding an event dedicated to spreading and promoting homosexuality.  So it is wrong to accuse me of being homophobic.

The bible teaches that homosexuality is a life-style choice.  Lorraine Mann would lay the blame on God.  People do not face up to the consequences of their actions and refuse to take responsibility for their deeds.  Instead they are constantly looking to blame someone else for their behaviour.  This is the same old argument that our first parents used back in the Garden of Eden.  Adam blamed God for giving him Eve and Eve blamed God for the serpent.  People choose to practice homosexuality; it is not something that is determined by God.  To categorise skin colour, gender, age and disability with deviant sexual behaviour is reprehensible.   It is failing to distinguish between things that differ.  If we are to follow Mrs. Mann's teachings to their logical conclusion, then we will have the murderer claiming, "I am a murderer because God made me a murderer!"  Let the readers be assured God will hold all morally responsible people accountable for all their actions.

In her piece Mrs. Mann mentions that, "you will not find a single word for or against homosexuality in Christ's teachings."  There is an element of truth in this, but a closer examination of Christ's teaching will not support Mrs. Mann's assertion.  The reason why Christ did not directly address the subject of homosexuality is clear.  Jesus confined his ministry geographically to the Jews and in Jewish society homosexuality was not an issue.  It would seem from the gospel records that Jesus did not address the subject of paedophilia or pederasty or bestiality.  Can we assume from Mrs. Mann's reasoning that according to Jesus it is acceptable for a man or woman to have sexual relations with a child and/or an animal?

The Lord Jesus in his teachings concerning adultery in Matthew 5:27-32 and divorce in Matthew 19:1-9, indirectly addresses all sexual sins including homosexuality.  Ask yourself Mrs. Mann, who can commit adultery? and who can be divorced? Only those who are married.  What is marriage?  It is a covenant between one man and one woman.  Not two men or two women!  What is adultery?  It is married people engaging in sexual activity outwit the marriage bond.  Therefore it is clear that when Christ upholds, defends and promotes marriage he is by implication attacking any relationship that is contrary to marriage.

The New Testament contains prohibitions against homosexuality in three places: Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9; and 1 Timothy 1:10.  So when Christians say that the bible speaks against homosexuality they are not relying on the Old Testament scriptures only.

Mrs. Mann the whole of the bible is the word of Christ not just his recorded teaching in the gospels.  Also the bible does not prohibit women from wearing gold or pearls nor does the bible support slavery or incest.  The bible records the sinful actions of man, and even godly men, but that does not mean their actions meet with God's approval.

Mrs. Mann accuses me of being "unfeeling and so cruel" and then admits she has known me "personally for many years".  I would suggest it would be more accurate to say she has had some dealings with me but she does not really know me at all.  Readers would agree that it is cruel to tell lies and encourage people to engage in activity that will only bring heartache in this life and in the world to come, if not repented of.  If a reader went to the doctor complaining of an ailment and was told simply to take a holiday or change their diet then all would be well, when in reality the medic knew that the patient was showing signs of a life threatening disease, how would Mrs. Mann describe that doctor?  To warn people of the dire consequences of their actions and to tell them of a better way to live is a mark of care and concern.  To do otherwise is inhuman.

She accuses me of "often to be found in the letters columns...with his sights very often set on people who happen to be gay.."  That is factually incorrect!  From memory I have written on this subject a total of three times since 2004. That includes my recent letter.  How could any person describe three times in seven years as often?  Mrs. Mann seems to be adopting one of the pro homosexual lobby’s tactics.  They are seeking to change the meaning of words and re-define things to promote their cause and normalise their activities.

She said at the end of the article, "Isn't it time for Christians to stop picking and choosing from the Old Testament and simply follow the teachings of Christ?”  Mrs. Mann the bible teaches (Acts 17:30) that all mankind are commanded to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, not just Christians!


Same-Sex Marriage

Written by Andrew R Allan on Thursday, 16 August 2012. Posted in Seen & Heard

So the Scottish Government have decided to press ahead with their plans to introduce same-sex marriage upon a nation that has clearly spoken out against the proposals.

The Prime Minister has vowed to introduce the same through the Westminster parliament.

It is clear that our political leaders are failing the people.  Democracy is failing! Politicians are out of touch with the ordinary voter.

But, for the Christian the issue is more serious than simply politicians riding rough shod over the voice of the people.  After all public opinion can be very fickle! What people approve of one day they can vote against the next day.  The real issue is that mere men think they know better than God.  God has clearly revealed in his Word that marriage is between one man and one woman for life.  Any other partnership or union or contract cannot be classed as marriage.

"It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law."

Psalm 119:126.