Synagogue Of Satan

on Friday, 16 August 2013.

The Sins Of The Roman Catholic Church

Synagogue Of Satan

Yet again the vile and heinous sins of the Roman Catholic church have been publicly exposed. God in His all wise wisdom has providentially exposed the sins of some monks at the former Fort Augustus boarding school in the Highlands.

People are calling for action to be taken against the church and the monks. Some are calling for the church to investigate and to act accordingly, others are demanding a full independent inquiry. Some want Fr Chrysostom, the last monk alive accused of sexual abuse, to be extradited back to the UK. Others are calling for the Government to act.

However, a more fundamental and basic question needs to be addressed; Why do a large amount of Roman Catholic clerics engage in physical and sexual abuse of children? The answer is clear; because of Rome's insistence on celibacy. To impose celibacy upon their clerics is against the clear teachings of the Bible and is in fact a mark of an apostate church (1 Timothy 4:3).

The behaviour of the Roman Catholic clergy should lead all right thinking persons to ask another question; Why do people continue to remain in the church and therefore indirectly support such lewd behaviour? Is it not clear that the Roman Catholic Church cannot be regarded as an authentic church, but is, as the Westminster Confession of Faith says, a “synagogue of Satan”.

After all the revelations that have come to light in recent days and years along with an extended catalogue of similar offences down through the centuries, it is clear that those who remain in the church must prefer it to any alternative.

The Protestant church is not perfect, but it is not subject to the same extent to the sins of the Romish church. When and if a Protestant cleric sins it is generally true that the matter is exposed and dealt with in a biblical manner.

Unless there is genuine wholesale repentance in the Roman Catholic Church we can expect a significant amount of their clergy to continue to engage in detestable practices.

Never the less the whole saga of sins being exposed years and decades after they were committed reminds us all, Catholic and Protestant, that God will bring all things to light on the Day of Judgement. On that Day there will be no hiding or evading, no denying or appealing to a higher court, no inquiry, just pure Divine justice.

How will you fare on that Day? The true hearted genuine Christian will be declared righteous only because of Christ. Only because Christ has paid the price for his sins and provided him with a perfect and spotless righteousness will he be saved. You can know this experience for yourself only by turing from your sins (repentance) and believing upon the Lord Jesus Christ.

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